The Mike Says...
Tuesday the 25th of April 2006
Ladies and Gentlemen, itís Holocaust Remembrance day! YAY! Dude, I love Holocaust Remembrance Day. I got a cake and some Beer and everything! Itís a great day to be alive!

ÖWhat? Why are you looking at me like that? Holocaust Remembrance Day is the day we remember the Holocaust. Iím particularly pleased that there isnít one anymore and everybody seems agreed with me on that point. So much so that theyíve set aside a day to remember the holocaust, what it was, and that itís not there anymore. Well, if thatís not a reason to celebrate, I donít know what is.

So, I got this Nazi PiŮata filled with kosher candy. Hereís your baseball-bat. Swing away, Billy. Swing away.

Peace Ouch, dude.

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