The Mike Says...
Saturday the 22nd of April 2006
Good news and Bad news, folks. First the Good news. I got the comic done! It’s it shiney and cool? K’ Now the bad news. I got my copy of the Misadventures of Tron Bonne working! WHHEEE!!! Um…That’s bad news, because it’s extremely distracting, and I should instead be drawing comics. Typical, huh? Meh.

So, anyway, I know I’ve been bad about updates. Three times a week….um…Suposedly, but it’s kind of slowing down to two a week. Not really something I want to happen, but it has to do with having a life...And friends…and stuff…Ok, I’m just lazy…well, not so much lazy as there are other things I wanna do, but I don’t really wanna do them, I wanna draw, but I can’t cuz I’m doing things I wanna do. @_@

So, to sum up. Tron Bonne is Awesome. If only I could get my own Servebots to draw for me.

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