The Mike Says...
Monday the 20th of March 2006
All I have to say in my defense is I disapprove all my drawing done with a tablet. Bleh.

So, I am working on getting a new scanner. In the mean time, I suppose I will have to make crap up as I go along, ripping on my current scanner or lack there of. GAH! Damn Scanner. Itís looking at me now! I can SEE it. Itís all smug and such, I HATE IT! Die, Scanner DIE!

Well, at least itís not as bad as that time I drank all that soy sauce and tried to eat Bubís Concession stand. What a wild night that was. I think we flew to the moon.

Le sigh. I will try to fulfill my supply of scanners for your eye.

Bye bye.

P.S. My Cafť Press Shop is up. Why not help support the ďGet mike a ScannerĒ fund? Just hit that little SHOP button on the left. Tankoo, and Iím out.

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