The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 15th of March 2006
A note to you people out there. A lesson, if you will, that through the most benevolent of intent, people will deceive you. Meh, it’s only natural since no one ever wants to hurt your feelings, like telling someone they look fine in that plaid suit with a piece of spinach stuck in their teeth because they don’t want to cause any “embarrassment.”

In any case, at least you know they have a kinder of motive, even if it’s misplaced. The harder leason to learn from this is NOT that people tend to lie, but that there are certain truths behind the lies, and at least you know that somewhere, somehow, there’s someone who’s got a kinder heart, but won’t lie to be kind.

So, anyway today’s comic brought to you via MachinaRaze, a talented tattoo artist. Comic should resume come Friday.

Oh, by the way, your outfit sucks donkey balls, and you got something in your teeth. Love you.

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