The Mike Says...
Monday the 27th of February 2006
K, Here’s the deal. I got a new Chair and a new desk, which meant I had to move everything around. Well, it seems that whatever I did to my Scanner made it not work. So…um…Yeah. <_< I got nothing. O_O Don’t get me wrong. I got a comic penciled, but once I realized that I prolly should bother inking until I got the scanner up and running.

If nothing else, I’ll figure something out for this week. I may even resort to drawing straight into computer like Lemon up there, but I don’t like the look. Meh. 9_9 No offense to A certain Victoria, it’s just not my look. You know?

P.S. I know my updating has been sucky as of late. I will at least post SOMETHING from now on. The lack of updatey has to stop. I'll be good. Well…eveil anyway.

Peace Ouch.

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