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Thursday the 2nd of February 2006
Yesterday was the Birthday of my Forum. If you havenít seen it or logged in or nothing, why not check it out. Itís full of evil people doing evil things to evil people!

Meanwhile, I got a back up of beautiful fan art for you guys. Check it out.

First off, this is really embarrassing, but I donít know who drew this fan art and canít remember how I got it, but Iíll be damned if I donít show it, cuz itís so very full of awesome.

Next up, we have a new comer to the Fan art world with this master piece of baby saff saff. Kawaii, bitch! ^_^

New fan art from the talented and devilish Seedlet, yo.

And finally, another artiness from Goss Goss, whom I killed last night, staring the cast as a rave. RAVE! <.< Oh, and umÖsorry about killing you?

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