The Mike Says...
Monday the 30th of January 2006
So, Iím drawing the comic, like a good lilí Sadistic maniac with a gyniphobic complex, when I get this call from a friend. Peer pressure, why must you tempt me so. The Night has apearently been set, quite spontaneously, for Chile, Chips, and cheep thrills, incoluding, but not limited to my pet claiming to want to draw my friends nuts through his nose with, as she put it ďThose Hooky things.Ē You know, like Hooks.

Anyway, Iíve had too much wine, and the Comic drawing got slowed down, so I just now got that done, but STILL didnít get all the Fan Art posted that Iíve recied. I swear to God and all the unholy little kittens in hell that I will post them as soon as I sober up and the god damn room stops doing that funkalicious dance itís doing right now.

I Sleep Now.

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