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Friday the 20th of January 2006
Greatly greetings again from the dead middle of the Bible belt in all itís hypocritical and small minded glory. Not that Iím bitter, but enough about that. Yesterday was my petís Birthday. YAY!!!

Well, donít just read this, go on the forum and wish Departed Poet a Happy Birthday and/or send her gifts. No worries, the rest of us will pass the time by coming up with dirty lyrics to the tune of the Brady Bunch until you get back.

You done? No? Youíre just reading this? Pah, right good that does us. The forum button is at the left side of the page, or at the bottom. Go Go Go!



Done yet? GOOD! Now, onto fan art. The ever clever Seedlet sent me more fan artness. Awesome. Bet you canít guess whatís stuck on the bottom of herÖwell, just look.

Thatís it for today, folks.


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