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Wednesday the 18th of January 2006
Today’s joke stolen directly from Arj and Poopy. Say, what DOES God taste like. You know, when I die, I hope God will let us all ask 1 questions that he will answer truthfully. When I come up, I’m gonna ask “God, what do you taste like?” I’ll bet dollars to nickels he says Strawberries.

You can see it, too. God will either lick himself or just take a big ol’ bite outta his arm, chew for a bit, and say “Huh. I taste delicious.” That’ll prolly be his answer, you know. “I’m delicious.” And if I get a second request, I’d ask “Hey, can I get a bit of that?” And he’d be all “You know, I’m not even sure if that’s blasphemous, but hey, what’s a little arm meat between friends. It’s not like I haven’t had my fair share of eating YOU.” And we’d have this nifty cannibal picnic, laughing, drinking the blood of Christ (Local winery, don’t’cha know?) and eating each other. I happen to know my soul taste like Chocolate, and his will taste like Strawberries, and those are two great taste that taste great together.

Fan Art time. First up, here’s some art from Evil Seedlet, a new-comer to the House of Sapphire and Blood.

^_^ Drawing like these make me happy in my creepy crawly place. Wow that sounded bad. OK, Check this one out. The one of the left was sent by the ever talented Wonton, a.k.a. MachineRaze, and the one on the right was sent, once again, by ever clever Seedlet.

Now, what I find interesting ISN’T that I got two Mandra fan arts in 1 day, but this: Mandra has two styles of eye makeup, one for each. Isn’t it interesting that Wonton chose her right eye, and Seedlet chose her left?

Hee hee. Peace ouch, you crazy people you.

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