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Wednesday the 11th of January 2006
Ok, I fully admit, not updating on Monday was my fault. It was for a stupid reason, too, but enough about that.

Cucumis Sativus is known as the Cucumber Lemon. The plant has some spines on it and itís oils can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions in some people. The fruit of the Cucumber Lemon is perfect for pickling and if you slice it up and pop it into your mouth youíll find the fruit is crisp, sweet, and has a faint lemon taste to it without that bitterness you get in so many other cucumbers. The fruit is about the size of a baseball, and sort of feel like one in your hand. As long is itís kept cool, it grows fast and easy. You could raise one in a pot on your porch. Iíll bet you havenít heard of one, eh?

Nathan Sativus jokingly refers to his daughter as Pickle, a nickname sheís not particularly pleased with. Saff has, on many occasions offered to slice her up and put her in a salad. Lemon used to think that was a joke, too. Used to think.

Damn it was hard to come up with her name. The only other Sativus species that even resembled something I could make a name out of was a Radish. Bleh. So, thatís why Iím late.

Peace ouch, yoÖ.wait. Is that a Cucumber sandwitch I smell?
*Runs off*

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