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Friday the 6th of January 2006
Before you go any further, you MUST read this. That done, itís an ARTFUL world! No no. Really!

First up, check out this Artness comic sent to me by the ever clever Myr:

Also, as promised to Goss Goss, I finaly got her X-Mas Art-Mas up. Itís a lilí late, Goss goss, please donít destroy my spinal column with your deadly glomping.

Finaly, a big thanks to you folks who feel for my intense lack of funds. For those who donate, I made you guys a desktop, and will continue giving the image to those to give to Natch Evil. Iím thinking of even changing the desktop every month. Anywho, the desktop looks like this:

UmÖIt looks better in close up.

So, thatís all for this weekÖNext week, Iíll be sure to draw 3 comics, rather than the lame 2 I did this week.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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