The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 4th of January 2006
Yeah, well, hereís that feeling again that I will die alone and unloved. What sucks about it most is I never get the feeling that anyone else can understand, so I never bother telling people. Oh, sure, I try, but they just go back to watching television. Meh. I should be used to it by now.

Sweet, lethal, angst, once again,
Trying to play like I played the sin.

So anyway, how are you? Not like I honestly care. I mean, I donít post and plunder down here under the comic yonder to hear YOUR ponder. I post down here Ďcuz I feel like telling people I so pathetic that Iím not even pathetic. Life isnít particularly difficult or easy, not fraught with tragedy or ecstasy. Iím not stupid enough to drop to the lowest low nor talented enough to raise to the highest heights. They say itís lonely at the top, or lonely at the bottom. Theyíre morons. Itís lonely at the grey center, where no one pays attention.

Iím gonna go set my neighborís dog on fire. Iíll see you guys Friday.

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