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Saturday the 31st of December 2005
Some years ago, I knew a woman who worked with me at Subway. She worked hard, was pretty funny, maybe about 35 or 36 years old, and she had a crappy car. I mean REAL crappy. I once remarked on it, cuzí I was thinking, why not get a better car? We got the classifieds, let get her a used car. It would be a thousand times better than this piece of gos se. She said she couldnít, and Iím like, ďWHY? You got money, you got the need. This Car is a worthless hunk of metal, and I know worthless hunks of metal.Ē You know what she told me?

ďI canít have a better car than my Mom.Ē

(Pause for laughter)

So, apparently, her Mom decreed that this poor woman was not allowed to have a better car. Yes, Iím serious. 35 year old woman still under her motherís thumb. No, she didnít live with her mother, but she still had to do what her mother said. HmmmÖ

So, the point is, I see these people who are still living with their parents, or doing what their parents say, when theyíre like 20 or 25 years of age and I think ďIs this normal? Am I just weird because I got out of the nest or something?Ē I just bugs me that you people (you know who you are) arenít ďallowedĒ to do something even tho youíre a full grown adult. Want a piercing? Get a piercing. Want to go to a con? Go to a freakín Con. Youíre 20. Thatís the right age to stop obeying you parents. And if they got a problem with it, well, maybe itís time to get out of the nest.

Donít ďBut, MikeĒ me. Thereís no excuse to not grow those wings and fly. Sure itís scary, what with morbly deep dept, finding a new place, balancing school and work, scams, crazy neighbors, and ducks thatíll beat you unconscious and sew your mouth shut, but itís gotta happen sometime. Otherwise what are you gonna do when youíre Parents die?

I donno. I insisted on paying my Mom rent as soon as I got out of High School, cuzí I didnít want to get used to being with her. Oh, I love my Mom and the rest of my family, but itís not EVEN about love. And itís hard, but I work hard, Iím kind of funny, about 29 or 30 years old, and I can do what ever I like without needing permission. Even get a better car.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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