The Mike Says...
Friday the 23rd of December 2005
A fine fine Christmas weekend to you all. This Christmas gift comic brought to you by the ever odd Dave of Taking the Bi-Pass. ^_^ Yay! I donít have to do a comic!

So, Iím still waiting for Spectreís promised fan art. <.< >.> Donno where THAT is. Right now, Iím prolly on the way to Texas, so I doubt Iíll see it for a while. I donít even know If there will be a comic Monday.

I never really understood why this holiday was always so much work. I guess itís because generosity isnít just encouraged on this weekend, itís enforced. Like, you could die if you donít give your family a gift. They will set you loose in a junk-yard and hunt you like a wild animal, then start stripping away your flesh inch by inch with sandpaper. Maybe thatís just me.

So, Peace on Earth,
And good Ouch towards men.

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