The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 21st of December 2005
<_< Iím really not liking this story line. Maybe itíll get better once I get to the bits about Saffron.

I wasnít going to do a comic today. I was so depressed overÖwell, I was really depressed and I wasnít going ot do a comic. Then Spectre got on, we chatted and he made me a deal. Oh yes. He said heís draw me some fan art (Which I love) if I did a comic. Well, Iím holding him to it.

Here it is, Spectre. Now make with the Fan art.

On an odd note, Goss Goss said that she, too, would make a deal and give me more fan art if I held another Body hunt game. HmmmÖMay have to whip up the last one. OK, Goss. Youíre on, too.

So, thatís it for me. Iím gonna go to bed and cry now. L8R.

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