The Mike Says...
Friday the 9th of December 2005
Ok, Ok. Whatís this I hear about Christmas not being Christmas, but being ďHolidays?Ē Kibbit kibbit kibbit, Ye Olí Shope. I realize that youíre trying to cater to all religious denominations, but letís not forget whoís buying the Christmas gifts. No, itís not the Jewish community, nor the Muslims. Iím afraid that, ney, even the Hindus are not giving Christmas gifts. Itís the christens. No no, I mean it. Look at the word. Christ-Mas. You know Christ, right? That silly son of God thing, that wasnít really born of December 25th, but we pretend anyway. Well, anyway, the Christian and Atheist communities sort of celebrates his birst on Christmas by giving Christmas gifts to Christians and Athiest. Itís nothing to be ashamed of.

Neither should you be ashamed, nor afraid, to put the Christ back into Christmas. Yes yes, youíll piss off a couple of other religions, but if youíre really worried about it, I know a couple of shops that are having Chanukah sales down the street. Thatís cool too. Iím all for it. Iím just saying ďHolidayĒ sales, well, thatís just lame and cowardly. Say the sale that youíre catering to, yo. The sales for Christmas gifts. AÖdare I say it? Christmas sale.

Anyway, that should about cover my stance on capitalistic fusion of church and state. Peace and good tidings, purchaserís guidings. May your X-mas be an expensive.

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