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Friday the 21st of October 2005
Mood: Purple
Currently Listening to: A shirt.
Those who donít frequent the Forum maybe wondering, WHERE THE HELL IS MIKE?!?!?! I was doing so well keeping the Updates coming. You know what happened? My Net dyed. Dyed fast, dyed hard, and dyed for a long time. My genius landlord (And he IS a genius) fixed it today and BOOM, you can now get your Natch on.

Iím genuinely sorry to be so late. Iím especially sorry to the folks who threatened to kill me if I didnít get their Natch on. Well, joke was sort of on me. Only my internet at work worked and I never really checked my mail, so didnít know about the threats. Who knows. The next Ed Gean couldíve been out my window, ready to strike, Until he saw me uploading, then ďAw. Now I canít kill him and Iím stuck in the middle of Podunk Oklahomaphobic.Ē

Serves yaí right, Chief.

Peace out and back again.

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