The Mike Says...
Monday the 17th of October 2005
Remember a time of perfect story telling? Yeah, me neither. Thatís because good story telling is freakín hard to do. God know I wish I knew how. But, meh, I try, as do most people. Ultimately itís the same hit or miss ratio throughout time, given scroll, book, reel, CD, DVD, what-have-you. Sure, the great poems of Roman and Grecian legend survive the corrosive effect of timeís winds, but be sure, pre-history had itís fair share of Ed Woods.

Anywho, Iím taking a easy way out and writing a few blooper reels so I can work on my story telling. Iíll tell you if itíll be a perfect story next week.

P.S. New Lyric Pages in the vote page.

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