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Wednesday the 12th of October 2005
K, so Check this out. Itís Oklahomaphobic, right? You canít swing a dead cat without hitting a church in this state. So, one of them has this light up sign that says ďObey God and let him use you as he will.Ē I freakín kid you not. So, I started to realize, belief in God is like this big S and M relationship.

Think about it. Obey God. Be a God fearing citizen and follow his words to the letter. God loves you, but if you disobey him, heíll punish you, and you donít want that cuz. God works in weird ways. Iím not even going to bring in the old school inquisition stuff, but now a days. Man. The ultimate punishment, tho? Hell. Eternal fire and pain. Hee hee.

I could go on, but itís just the same olí stuff. Call it my lilí epiphany.

Oh, and before I forget. Stickers are still for sale. WOOT!

Peace Ouch, Amen.

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