The Mike Says...
Monday the 10th of October 2005
This always happens, and I can never figure out why. Everytime I have to leave Springhill for my family, I get annoyed, but right after I come back, Iím glad I did. Like, I never remember the last good experience with my Mom, but do right after the current experience. I canít explain it. Itís like itís wired into my genes to enjoy family. You know, I think the same thing happened to me back a few years. I was hanging with my other Fam, Momís sisterís side of the family, and despite that I have apsolutly NO connection with them, it just felt right being with them.

Weird, huh?

Well, I got another couple of Comics to do, then a good three part story starting in two weeks called Iden and Rhymah. Should be a hoot.


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