The Mike Says...
Friday the 7th of October 2005
I’m sure you’re all aware of the current crisis in America. No, I’m not talking about the diminishing civil rights, Katrina, OR the first politician to ride the special bus to the White House. I’m talking about Arby’s dropping Jalapeño Bites from their menu. That’s right. Those delicious, cream-cheese filled fried jalapeño are in danger. Soon, we will have a generation of children that will never know cream-cheese goodness. For crying out loud, people, are we looking for another Cheeserito incident? We know now, that five years ago, Taco Bell sold delicious Cheeseritos, a burrito with nothing in it but graded cheese and pizza sauce. So simple, delicious, and artery clogging, but no more, and now it’s all we can do to remember their gooy goodness.

Please, help save the endangered Jalapeño Bites. Talk to you local Arby’s, or send a letter to them. I’m sure, if we all get together, we can at least enjoy fried jalapeños while Bush uses hurricanes as an excuse to take away freedom of speech.

Thank you.

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