The Mike Says...
Monday the 3rd of October 2005
A fine evening or morning to you, my trustworthy fans. This weekend was awesome. The Movie Serenity was awesome. We all could use more of both. Go watch it! NOW!

Anywho, let me get this out of the way. If you happen to be a 33 year old, male, switch, picking on one of my 14 year old, female, fans, please stop. We know where you live, and the number of your local police department, or, if nothing else, the numbers for all the pizza places. What moron tries to intimidate us by giving his address and phone number to serial killer wannabes? Wannabe’s with

I say this partly to embarrass a certain 14 year old, fan, but mainly it’s because you’re starting to piss us all off.

Peace off, yo.

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