The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 7th of September 2005
Of all the fetishes out there, there are two that freak me out the most. One is furries, which I’ve been disturbed by ever since that episode of CSI. You know the one I’m talking about. The dude in the rabbit suits or wolf suit or what ever. Anyway the other one is Rainbow Showers.

Oh GOD, who the heck came up with this idea? Wow. Why? Why would you think of this. HOW would you think of it? I bet the origins of Rainbow showers started in Japan.

So, one day, my “friend” Rick (What friend would do this? What human?) said to me, “Hey Mike. Check out this video I got.” So I walked into the living room. There was a couple apearently joining the mile-high club. And then the rainbow shower started. Dear God. After about a nano-second of that, I was in the bathroom gagging. The sound. Oh god, the SOUND was enough to make me sick. It DID make me sick.

Furries, you guys just go ahead and do that thing that you do. Just don’t turn on the rainbow shower and we’ll be fine.

I don’t feel so good.

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