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Wednesday the 31st of August 2005
OK, so, if you are in the nearby Springhill or Stillwater area in Oklahoma, there is this shop called Bradley Designworks. Last month, we gave them a try. Six weeks ago, we gave them an order for Devil Joy shirts to print. Yes, six weeks of checking in and too what the status was. The result? Nada. They freak’n gave me back our BLANK SHIRTS, of which we supplied.

Let me simplify. We bought a couple of shirts at Wall Mart and gave the shirts to Bradley Design. All they had to do was print a Devil Joy image on the 2 shirts. TWO. And, after six weeks of waiting? Nothing.

Their reason? Oh, I love this. “Some other orders popped up.” Yeah, that’s right. Apparently he is so busy with new business that he cannot take care of old business like ours. So, don’t bother dealing with Bradley Design, who’s motto seems to be “We’re too busy to help you.” You’re order would only serve to complicate their life.

That’s Bradley Designworks, on Perkins Road, Stillwater, Oklahomaphobic.

Egg them.

P.S. A big shout out to my pals in Mississippi. Good God, you’re still alive! And another for hommies in Louisiana. I know you folks can’t read this, the whole state being without power and all, but when you get back, we were think’n ‘bout ya.

Peace…Except the Bradley Designworks. Yeah. Peace to the rest of you.

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