The Mike Says...
Friday the 26th of August 2005
Yeah, Random Sketch week, again. Sorry, folks, my Mom comes first. Eventually, I’ll get in the habit, like I once did, where, I’m not updating on the fly, like I do.

More bad news…welll…I say bad news, but really, it’s bland news for you guys. The Shop is down. I’ve killed it. No more shirts for you. Trouble with our Shirt Guy, so we’re dropping him. Bland news indeed. Oh, and the following message goes out to everyone who ordered a T-Shirt:

Lady B, I will personally make sure you get your shirt sent to you. Sorry for the wait.

Let’s see…yeah, that’s everyone.

More news, the Body Hunt game is coming together pretty smoothly. Got the Rules sorted out and such, won’t be long before I post that somewhere on the site…Oh, and before I forget, Happy Birthday, Mom!

I’m out’ta here.

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