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Wednesday the 24th of August 2005
Mrs. Creepy-head puppet, no! Don’t be mean to Mr. Prett. He’s had a troubling day.

Sooooo…First, read this. So, this pisses me off just a bit, because I’m literally crazy about free expression, and expression requires an audience. Crack downs on any kind of expression, however vile, defeat the point of the internet, which is information exchange.

Yes yes, some nuts go crazy, kill people, places, or things (nouns in general, really) and it’s blamed on violent media or pornographic material. Notice, it’s never blamed on the bible? As if it were ONLY violence and pornography that cauise the problem.

*cough* inquisition *cough* ahem, excuse me. Where that come from? *cough* Salem Witch Trials *cough*

I wonder how many people have been killed in the name of God over, say, the last 30 years? You know, the Christian God sometimes seems like more trouble than he’s worth. Ah, but we should blame God. We shouldn’t blame violent forms of expression (notice there’s more fake snuff than real? Weird, huh?). It’s the killers we should blame. We shouldn’t blame expression or Art, either. And, sorry folks, I consider EVEN the obscene to be art. And this kind of thing will slowly lead to the erosion of art…that and it’s my favorite kind of porn. Mmmm…snuff…

Peace Ouch, yo.

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