The Mike Says...
Monday the 8th of August 2005
Wanna know what confuses the hell out of me? You. Yeah you. Not only do you read my comic, which makes you an intense minority, but you also read my commentary. You don’t think that’s unusual? Oh, you better freak’n believe it’s unusual.

You deal with my inconsistent updates, my sketch weeks, my contradicting story lines, not to mention the continuity errors, and you come back for more. What the Hell, man? If I weren’t drawing this comic, you KNOW I’d be hunting down the artist and smacking him around. “The Hell are you thinking?” I’d say. “Does Black have his gloves on or not?” Then I’d proceed with the head-butting for the next hour and a-half.

So, yeah. See if you can catch the Silent Hill references in today’s comic, oh, and Thanks for reading, you awesome awesome people.

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