The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 3rd of August 2005
Iíll be honest. Iím making this story up as I go.

Meanwhile, I got Fan art! Two pictures from Psychotic Duckling, a Sapphire and Blood resident, apearently. UmÖI guess I should warn that they are not work friendly.

Oh! And I put up a picture I did while talking to customers during my old job. Tech Support was fun, but it left my hands too free. Check it out.

More Fan art of Sherry on the way, but Iím always a little slow on the draw when it comes to putting up fan art. No pun intended.
Oh, and in case you missed it. The Shop is working. Selling T-Shirts to support Natch Evil and, one day, get our own lilí Devil Joy Plushy.

I can dream, canít I?

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