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Monday the 1st of August 2005
Ok, a couple of new things.

Firstly, yay. Saffron’s back in the comic, but I just didn’t want to tell the story from her perspective, what with black being one of my olders and Saffy being one of my youngers. Rejoice, more cleaver action in’a bit.

Secondly, yay. Buzzcomix is back in action, as they say, and they’ve been kind enough to lend me about 3 months of free coolness. And I like coolness. More on the in a bit.

Um…vote for me for ye ole’ Sherry Desktop.

Thirdly, yay. The Natch Evil Shop is open. That’s right. Open. Da’ Shop button now works and everything. Order a shirt and see what happens. Go on. I dare ya. Worse case senerio, you end up with a Natch Evil T-Shirt, and that’s just awesome. Send’n those out in’a bit.

Finaly, yay. I got Fan art from Duckling…um…but…with the rain of crazy over the last 4 days, I haven’t got it up yet. Sorry, Duckling. I sware it’ll be up tomarow. Please don’t cut me int’a bits.

K, that’s all, yo. Peace ouch.

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