The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 20th of July 2005
K, hereís the pots I got boiling, just so you know.

Natch Evil Stickers are on their way. Should be a couple of weeks before those are in. Why stickers? I donno. Sounds like something to smack on my sketch books. Oh, and you guys can have some, too. More on that later.

T-Shirts are slowly but surely coming along. Looks like the first one up will be the Devil Joy Shirt, a.k.a. Obey the Kitty shirts. Weíll see how those come out. HmmmÖ

Fore some ungodly reason, Iím on a HeroQuest kick. So, Iím kind of designing a Devil/Angel RPG based on the Dungeon Master story using HeroQuest. ITís actually lots of fun making games. MooÖ

BTW, Iím serious about the screams, guys. I really do want recordings of you people screaming. Send them on down.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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