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Monday the 18th of July 2005
Me fingers hurt a bit, as do me brains. Seems getting t-shirts made, in any sense, is becoming more complicated. You would think that, if nothing else, you could just print out iron-onís and meld them to the shirt. Unfortunately, with out a printer, itís pretty hard to do that for a reasonable price, plus get the black shirts to do it. I tried 99 Dogs, but god damn, theyíre expensive. Me thinks you folk donít wanna shell out $30 bucks for a measly little shirt, and no one else has black. Bleh. Double bleh, say I.

And so the quest continues. Looks like weíll at least be able to sell Stickers, and thatís some consolation, I guess.

To make things a little interesting, my Mom needs help packing up the house and moving, so Iím snatched away before I can do the comic on Fridayís, thus the Random sketch. Updating maybe a little spotty this month to the next month. Youíl just have to suffer. Mom gives me move love than you folks and has the added advantage of setting into motions my origins, so she gets priority over Natch Evil. If you scream and yell about it, I might be inclined to work a lilí harder, but I know you wonít.

Well? Go on, then. Scream! Send me your freakín .wav files.


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