The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 13th of July 2005
I see these commercials about Levis Jeans, and how you wear them out. You know, the glorious favorite pair of jeans that are all worn and ripped and stone washed and crap. And they truly deify the wore out jeans that you can still wear and chicks think it’s hot on these mesomorphic model men.

This endomorph asks you, why do these commercials NEVER show the rip in the crotch? My pants ALWAYS freak’n rip in the crotch first. I wanna girlfriend so I can go away on some train trip and give her my pants that are ripped in the crotch. I think that would be SO romantic…

Meh, she’d prolly just flinch and call the Rape Crisis Center. Sorry, I wax cynical.

Peace ouch, yo.

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