The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 22nd of June 2005
K, so first off, you may notice a Donate button. Yeppers. YepHmmyeah
So, Listen, Im not saying, if you like the comic, you have to donate to me. Im saying if you WANT to give me money, you have the option. It there if you want it. Moving on.

Secondly, If you guys are interested in playing a sort of Natch Evil Forum game, we are accepting applications for the Body Hunt Beach Party is open for at least another week. Its like encouraging people to kill each other, but somehow more fun seeing as it lacks any real consequences.

Finally, I have decided, once and for all. I am NOT Gynophobic. Nope, not gonna do it any more. Sick of claiming it. Sick of living it. Im gonna go out and kiss the first girl I see. UmThe first pretty girl I see. UmThe first pretty girl, not toting mace, that I see. You know what, nevermind.

Peace Ouch, yo.

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