The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 8th of June 2005
So, I want this super power. It’s be a mixture of ESP and Pyrokenesis. I wanna be able to tell if anyone is lying, then set their pants on fire.

Hmmm…but all the sensitive parts are in the pants, an’ that’s not just…maybe I should only set shirts on fire. Yeah…And the lie detecting would be cool! Especially in relationships.

Hey! And people would fear my power and the world would become Shirtless! AWESOME! Everywhere I went, men and women would just take their shirts off! Politicians, car sales men, and priests would all fear me. Oh…But I’d have to see all their man-boobs, and that’s not cool. Meh, It’ll be worth the T-Shirt industry, which would be under my thumb.

I would use my powers for good, and Nudy-beaches would be my only weaknes. Freak’n AWESOME!

Lynch: If you could be a super-hero, would you be Shirtless Man

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