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Monday the 16th of May 2005
Yeah, well, sorry about the lack of comic.

I was reading this Live Journal from this Artist. No, I'm not gonna tell you who. As I paged through her stuff, I found that we think alike. It was...well...disturbing.

I have pretty much accepted that fact that I will die alone. Seems like the logical conclusion to me., I mean, as some anonymous Email told me, I “will never get laid.” So I try to accept that fact and move on. Side's, me voices in me head were put there to keep me from getting to lonely, isn't that right, Mandra?

That means, the concept of some woman out there who thinks like me, chats like me, has the same sense of humor and artistic beauty…it’s ICREDABLY frightening to me. It makes me think, "Oh hell! I might be alone for nothing!" which really fucks up my world.

So I start thinking stupid things.
"Hmmm...I should try becoming a stalker.
Nah. Too much effort. Plus it would be impossible to do my comic.
Ooo! I know, I'll try being a peeping-tom.
Nah. I got the internet. Sort of defeats the purpose.
I could this girl here.

So here I am, a-sitt'n pretty,
Trying to think of something witty,
Down and depressed and feel'n shitty,
'Cuz someone like me's out in'da city.

K, that enough of that. You'll be happy to know that in about a week, I'll start on the new Saff Story-arch.

Peace out, little-miss-like-me

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