The Mike Says...
Friday the 6th of May 2005
Right now, I’m listening to Wil Wheaton getting stoned and talking to other stoned woodlen animals. God, the freak’n internet is great.


I’m gonna put up a donation button, folks. Donno, feels weird. I guess it’s not selling out when I’m bugging for money. I figure it would go right back into T-Shirt funds.


T-Shirts are taking shape. They’re shaped like…well…T-Shirts. Looks like the first patch is going to be White on Black…I know I know. Why am I not using people like 99Dogs or Café press? Well, Café press doesn’t have black shirts (Which is esential) and 99Dogs HAS black shirts, but they are expensive to the customer. Soooooo…I’m gonna get t-shirts separately and the Larphod (you don’t know them…or maybe you do) will help ship ‘em out. Vee shall see.

Wait…What’s that noise?
ICE CREAM! Who wants Ice cream!?!

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