The Mike Says...
Tuesday the 29th of March 2005
Welp, itís Random Sketch week, Ďcuz Iím doping double work. While, on one hand, my job that makes money is working me to the bone, the other hand has me working like mad to get ready for the Con.

For those just tuning in, Iím going to be showing up at SteelCon, and do a 24 hour comic. Strange, given that the Con is a Gaming Con. Not sure how Chuck got the seats for it, but, there we are. I will be going slowly insane, and selling mini-posters for 25 cents a pop. I will also be guzzling down copius amounts of caffeine and evetualy finish off the night with ywlling at the vending machine. Please enjoy this random sketch I made last-night, until then. More sketches on the way

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