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Monday the 14th of March 2005
OK, I just saw Suspiria.
Beautiful. Bazaar, but just beautiful.
It’s like…um…it’s just unique. I gotta get my own copy and subject my friends to it. Then, your friends. Then that dude across the street that I don’t know, but walks around his living-room naked.

Anyway, here’s the break down. This American girl wants to study ballet in this german school, but she runs into this crazy girl on a stormy night who, after a bit, dies. American girl gets drawn into a very strange presentation of a mystery. Counting footsteps, missing notes, and a room filled with barbed-wire later, the movies ends with “You have been watching Suspiria.” The lighting is great, and strange. The music will take you by surprise. And the acting, though not too horrible, is…off. I love all it’s strangeness, but don’t like the authoritative tone they take with Witches, but obviously have no idea. If you can climb over that hill, tho…

I’ll tell you, there’s just no good way to describe it. Watch it. I promise it’s something you’ve never seen before, unless you’ve…you know…already seen it.

Peace Ouch

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