The Mike Says...
Monday the 14th of February 2005
Happy Valentine’s Day. Did you have a nice Valentine? You did? Good for you. Of course, the rest of you were like me, hating everyone else out there with their boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, what-have-you. And worse yet, you basteards were all like, Oh, look at that poor loanly man, blah blah blah, DIE!

I hate what Valentine’s has become. It’s supposed to be about 1 person, your lover. Not me, not that dude, the lover. Anything else is offensive. You’re just showing pity, and god damn it, that’s so rude. Or, you’re just trying to be nice, handing me lil’ heart candies that say “I love you.” ‘cuz you don’t love me, you love some other guy. Unless you really freak’n want to spend the rest of your life with me, keep you pity candy to yourself.

Oh yeah, and, good luck on that dieing thing. Hope you had a nice Pity day.

Crunk you.

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