The Mike Says...
Monday the 31st of January 2005
And really, who ISNíT tempted by duck shaped chocolates? Not you. Not me.

OK, against my better judgment, Iím giving you guys an entrence to the Saphire and Blood forum. Itís the end of the month, and I said it would be finished my the end of the month, but I REFUSE to link it from the Nav bar or the main page until it looks pretty. Itís Damned ugly, right now. Need to poke someone I know with a stick to help with the last bits of detail. Iím not mentioning any names, but his first initial is Josh.

Here that, Josh? Iím serious man! Iíll buy you a steak freakín dinner if you just help me fix the ugly ugly graphix on the forum!

So, anyway, here you go.

Please forgive the mess.

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