The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 19th of January 2005
Yeah yeah…So, I didn’t do a comic Friday or Monday. I’ll have you know that I was working hard on the forum…um…the forum and Snake Eater.

…and San Andreas…

…and helping a friend move…
…by which I mean move around in San Andreas. Let’s move on.

So last night I had a dream I was in a run-down house, dark and torn, like the house in the Grudge, only bigger. And there was this kind of pretty girl and this apsolute bitch. My job was to kill everyone, but at the same time, I was flirting with the pretty girl. BLAM, down went a couple of dream-extras and the bitsh, and “Hey, you wanna, I don’t know, check out a movie or something?” and so on. I can’t remember if I killed the pretty girl, but I do remember she was ignoring me at every turn.

What do you think it means?

Special effects by Loonatik and Drinks

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