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Monday the 3rd of January 2005
Holy crap-monkeys! Itís 2005, and the world hasnít ended yet? What happened to all that Rapture stuff the fundies were all about in 2k? The heck is wrong with them?

Well, anyway. Vin, the dude responsible for Lemmy, had asked (in November) for guest comics by yourís truly, and so I just HAD to wait until 2 dayís before they were needed to send Ďem to him. Ifín youíre interested, check it out. Neek.

Letís see. For New years, I stayed home a cried. How about you? Yeah, I thought so. First New yearís Iíve ever had when I was all alone. Moop.

But San Andreas and food kept me company. Food doesnít judge me. MmmmmÖfood. I think Iíll go eat now.

Peace Ouch, yo

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