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Friday the 24th of December 2004
Tique Speak
Tique is of Jeep Nationality (not to be confused with the lil’ mister in Popeye cartoons) and was primarily schooled in Jeepish. Tique, thus, has a high-pitched soft toned voice with a slight Russian sounding accent. She generally favors Jeep children’s words such as:
Neek = Happy noise.
Meep = Frightened
Moop = sad
Quoon = Sound of curiosity

Apart from Jeepish, Tique also has a form of verbal obsessive compulsion. Every third word must have the ‘EE at the end of it. IF the ‘EE word already end with an ‘EE sound, then count that word, but move on to the second word, not the third. If the ‘EE lands on a word that starts with a vowel, even if it ends with an ‘EE sound, then skip the word and put the ‘EE on the very next word. If the ‘EE lands on a word beginning with a vowel, directly after hitting a vowel word or word ending with ‘EE sound, then put the ‘EE on the end of the word anyway, unless it already ends with the ‘EE sound, in which case treat it just like any other word ending with ‘EE and move on to the secod word as with all ‘EE ending words. The rule starts not with each sentence, but with each breath. If, at the end of the breath, she stops one short of the ‘EE word, then put the ‘EE on the last word of the breath, even if the word starts with a vowel, but not if the word already ends with an “EE sound. If the breath stops 2 words before the next ‘EE word, then ignore the ‘EE, except in the last word end with an ‘EE sound, in which case it already has an ‘EE

Confused? Good. I did that on purpose.

Um…Tique didn’t use these rules in the original 24hour comic because her OC was a last minute decision, but the ‘EE words were not.


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