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Monday the 6th of December 2004
For those coming out of a coma or from Mars, Doctor Who is an old, yet delightful cultural reference. I grew up on Doctor Who. I have Doctor Who paraphernalia stacking in my halls and head. I know Doctor Who stuff that…let’s face it, you don’t and never will. Do you know what the original sound of the Tardis (probably the same sound today with some editing) materializing was/is? Did you ever watch All Creatures Great and Small ‘cuz it had the Fifth Doctor in it? Can you giv me a semi accurate cross section of a Dalek? Or who’s semiresponsible for their creation (And I don’t mean Davros)? Have you seen all the clips from the missing Tom Baker Episode, Shada (Writen by Douglas Addams, by the way)
Yeah…I’m sad, but in a happy way.

If you’ll excuse me, Jon Pertwee is fighting giant rubber spiders and I don’t wanna miss this

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