The Mike Says...
Friday the 12th of November 2004
*Rubs hands together*

Oh, you bet this promises to be fun.

Some time ago, I want designing a time travel game called “Project Lynchpin.” In it, I defined interesting time travel phenomenon, my favorite being the Pocket Watch Effect. Alas, the endeavor was way too much for me to undertake. It’s story design was incredibly complex. So I shall wright a little comic about it starring everyone favorite ineffective shoulder devil.

Mind you, over the length of the story, I may step in to exp[lain other phenomenon such as the Bill and Ted effect, the Razael effect, and the Cassandra Complex (which is real).

After the story, I’ll go ahead and give you poor folks a timeline. You’ll need it. In the meantime, my lovelies, sit back, relax, and enjoy the puzzle.


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