The Mike Says...
Wednesday the 10th of November 2004
Me is feeling all better. And look, I got an early birthday gift from Whiterabbit! I am loved. Itís not in the Gallery section yet because the Gallery does not yet exist and me buddy, Rick-kun, is about to do stuff with my site.

So, umÖthis week is all crazy because I was sick and itís my birthday yesterday and I really didnít do anything to gather people together like I normally do, so weíre all going to try and hook up at Joseppiís Thursday at 8:00. Remember snipers, thatís Jossepiís, tomorrow, at 8:00. If any of you non-sniper types in the Stillwater area in Oklahomaphobic, can show up too. I love big get togethers. Pity this wonít be one.


Well, I play with Candybar Dolls more. Me all happy again.

Peace out, yo

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