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Friday the 29th of October 2004
Dating Game Fin.

YeahYou thought I killed her off, didnt you? Bleh, to you. When will you have faith in me? Were in the middle of Saffs little Saga, so I figure, maybe three more years before the story is at its end.

Some time back I said that I would update 3 times a week even if it was crap, or Id smash my left hand with a hammer, scan that, and post it up. Well, folks, this is sort of an exception. Im taking the next week off from the comic. Not a vacation. Im going to be working on the website design and make it all better. By the Monday after next, this site should look all shiney. Neek :D

So, in the mean time, heres a link to my 24 hour comic:
The Tell Tale Tale of MAC

And heres a little Zombie Comic that I laughed at:
Zombies Calling

And, of course, here is my links page. Enjoy it while it last, cuz Im redoing it after the Site Redo:
Links Page. WHEEEEE!!!

Be good children until I get back, k? I dont wanna miss any senseless murder while Im gone.
Peace Ouch, yo

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