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Monday the 25th of October 2004
Yo yo, What do ya’ know, baby? It’s the last week of the Dating Game story. I know you’re feel’n bad’n stuff. So I got’s something for ya’.

Couple of weeks ago, I was challenged to do a 24 hour comic. This passed Saturday, I took up the challenge, and did one. A full 24 page, semi-coherent comic, yo.

Now, I can’t stress this enough, there were no inhibitions on drawing this behemoth of a undertaking. It’s not safe for work. It’s not the normal MA for violence and disturbing images, like my normal modus operandi. It’s rated freak’n R, baby.

Rated R for Adult language, situation, nudity, gore, and just for the hell of it (No nipples, though.).

Here it is.

Drawing this comic was both cathartic and challenging. I loved it! And I will do another 24 hour comic. Not soon, but I will do it again. Maybe next April.

Enjoy…unless, you know, you’re only 13 year old…or some psycho…or a woman who wants to kill me, ‘cuz it’s only going to reinforce your blood lust. In fact, if you’re a blood crazy woman who kills all the time and has your own goth girls henchman and can resurrect yourself, stay the hell away from me.

Peace ouch, yo

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