The Mike Says...
Friday the 15th of October 2004
Get it? Get it?

So, my pal’io mine isn’t suffering from sleep apnea, I guess. Doc doesn’t know what it is. So I gotta keep my pal’io awake to exhaust him until he konks out…this is a lot easier when he’s here. Bleh.

In other news, I’ve been browsing around da’ Buzzcomix site and checking out…um…comix? I added two links on da’ links page. If’n you linked comic artist guys are reading this (And God have mercy on your soul if you are) I don’t really do link exchange per se. I just link to people’s site that I find myself reading on a daily basis. Like the ever funny Lemmy, or the morbidly fascinating Jump.

Now, watch me jab this lockring freewheel remover into my eye.


Aaiiieeeeee! The Pain! It’s burns like Hindenburg on a moonless night! ACK! I’m doing it again! Why am I doing this?!?! WHY?!?

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