The Mike Says...
Saturday the 13th of October 2001
Stuff is happeningín stuff. Iím doín a guest comic for a friend who has sleepacnia (I think thatís howís itís spelled) because heís loosing his mind from insomnia. Crazy crap, crow.

Iím in a swimsuit competition. WellÖno, not really. Sherry is in a swimsuit contest. You would not believe how hard it is to design a goth swimsuit.

And I miss a comic called Rabid. Snuff, anthromorphic, horror and tragedy. Alas, no longer on the net (that I can find.). Oh well, it was never updated, anyway.

Well, Iím tired and full of tacos and cereal. You crazy people enjoy the resurrection and thanks for reading.

Peace ouch, yo

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